Friday, January 27, 2006

I think I'll list all my meds so you'll know what I'm on.
    1. enalapril - for blood pressure, once a day. An ACE inhibitor.
    2. hydralazine - more blood pressure, twice a day. An alpha antagonist.
    3. spironolactone - a diuretic to remove fluid from around my lungs, twice a day.
    4. lasix - another diuretic to remove fluid from around my lungs, three times a day.
    5. pimobendan - a canadian drug that opens up the blood vessels returning blood to the heart which reduces pressure on my heart. Twice a day.
    6. aspirin - My blood is pooling in the backwash from my valve failure and aspirin keeps my blood from clotting. Twice a day.
Luckily, Mom and Dad have adjusted the times so that now I get most of them at the same time. When I came home from the hospital my meds where due all around the clock and I hated having to take them almost all day long. Now it's not so bad. Also, they went to a compounding pharmacy that mixed some of the drugs into a chicken-flavored liquid and I like taking those.

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