Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I had a worse than normal day yesterday. I coughed more than usual, and seemed slightly more tired, perhaps because I was quite active yesterday. Luckily, I had an electrolyte recheck (Na and Ka values are fine) and a followup ultrasound scheduled for today. The vet put me on a sixth med hydralazine (not to be confused with hydroxyzine). We are to increase my lasix dosage if necessary. Mom and Dad worry about me constantly; am I too excited? Am I getting enough exercise? How many coughs has that been today? Do they let me walk back from peeing or should they carry me all the way back? I of course only care about licking their faces. I wish they'd do the same.

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Anonymous said...

My little cavalier has just been diagnosed with mitral valve disease.She is 6 years old.I am feeling very sad, as I love my little dog.Her name is tiffany.I hope she will be with me for awhile yet.Sorry to hear about your little dog Darcy.They are such a wonderful friends to thier owners.