Sunday, June 25, 2006

Thank Dog I'm back home now! I'm still having some breathing trouble and don't have any energy left, but Dr. Barrett and Dr. Schroeder figured that since I wasn't doing any better in the oxygen cage I might as well go home. My appetite is still good so they feel pretty good about my status. I am now on injectable lasix rather than pills, my hydralozine was doubled and so was my pimobendan (sorry, I repeat myself with that one; it's the drugs ;-)). Luckily MomDad have LOTS of experience giving shots; they used to serve a cat named Peter that had diabetes and they had to give him his insulin twice a day for 10 years! Demanding Cat! But at least I can count on MomDad doing the same for me if I should need it.

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Rod Russell said...

Glad you're home, Darcy girl. Familiar surroundings and family care cut down on stress and anxiety, don't ya know. Those increased drug dosages ought to perk you up soon.