Tuesday, June 27, 2006

In Memoriam.
Darcy Thornton
born November 11, 1999
died June 27, 2006.

Blessed Darcy rest in peace. Catch your breath. Love Dad.

We couldn't have asked for a better first puppy. Darcy, you made raising a puppy seem like the easiest thing in the world. Your nickname was The Perfect Puppy. You could just see the light go on in your head every time you learned something new--which was constantly. Living with you and seeing you spread all that sweetness and love to everyone you met has been one of the great pleasures of our life. Love Mom.


Maxx & Charlie Cavaliers and thir Mum in UK xxxxx said...

Rest In Peace, Darling Darcy. You will be missed by everyone who knew you - even through your web blog.

Run free with the bunnies at Rainbow Bridge & chase those rainbows until your Mom and Dad can be with you again. No more pain now, only freedom. xxxxx

Jennifer Fabian said...

Sweet Darcy, Our memories of you will continue to bring joy to our hearts daily. We already miss you and your kisses. We are glad you are free.

Love and Kisses,
Uncle Jim (feather, chicken man) & Aunt Jen

Anonymous said...

Darcy - may you be running around over the bridge and keeping an eye on your mum and dad...

Cathy Larkin said...

Special Darcy,
We will miss your "licks". We know you are resting and getting ready to play with our other Angel Animals. We'll keep an eye on your Mom, Dad and your two sisters Bella and Twyla because we know just how much they love and miss you.
Glenn & Cathy

Phyllis in West VIrginia with Buddy the Cavalier and Hadley the Clumber said...

We have been following Darcy's Dairy for several months and I cried when I opened it this morning and saw the notice. Thank you all for sharing your experience with us. We hope that it will help bring awareness to MVD and the need for careful breeding.

Ruby Jubilee said...

My Dad just read your heartbreaking story. I've got a full on case of MVD and I think I'm almost done for.
If being loved helps tho I'll live forever.
I miss running & sking thru the woods with my Dad but he still takes me in the car whenever he can, and even when he shouldn't, yea!
I still get to roam in my yard.
I love my meds, they taste just like chicken. The world must almost be out of chicken because Dad is awful stingey with it.
Well Darcy you had a beautiful life, beautiful story, and you were a beautiful dog, although as I hear it I'm the most beautiful dog there ever was (it's a curse, Dad's always kissing me square on the lips).
Rest in peace Darcy, maybe someday we'll chase bunnies, chipmunks and turkeys together!
Cavalier Love,
Ruby, 8/8/98 - ??

Anonymous said...

my little girl is only just 1, but she's given us enough love to last decades - so she's a typical CKCS. I stumbled upon your story last week, and couldn't bring myself to read more than the first few blogs. Now that I have finished, I just want to thank you for telling Darcy's story. So far so good with our puppy, but the odds aren't in our favour, of course. Darcy is in our thoughts, and I gave my puppy a big hug as she licked my tears away.

"The Vinster" said...

I too have a 7 1/2 yr old CKCS. My precious lover boy's name is Vinny. We have known since he was a puppy what his "murmer" would end up doing to him. Well it is time. He has begun taking meds and has confirmed severe MVD with CHF. Our hearts are broken into millions of pieces. We found your blog and want to thank you for all the advice you have shared. We too have started a blog and mention Darcy and her story. We thank you for the dietary tips and have changed food to follow your plan. He loves it! He loves to lick the yogurt spoon most of all.
Our blog is at http://cavalierkingcharlesspanielstory.blogspot.com/ if you should like to stop by and meet us. Thank you again for your story. Cheryl & "The Vinster"

Online Roulette said...

oooh for the longest time I was such a fan of Mr. Darcy, handsome and brooding and the sort. Then I watched N&S and Mr. Thornton takes my vote for sure! He is just... sooo... words can't express how fine he is.

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