Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A far too late update: Darcy's sister Bella passed on last year at the ripe old age of 15, 12 of which she had murmurs, but only had to be on medications the last three. So hang in there, people! It is possible for Cavaliers to have long lives even on medications. Unfortunately, we also lost Twyla this past week at the age of 12 but again she was diagnosed at age five, so she set another fine example of how early diagnosis and treatment can lead to longer life.


Claire said...

I am from the UK and came across this blog whilst researching end stage MVD I am in a lot of anguish and pain as my partners dog, who has been his whole world has become sick with this. For the last five years, since we have been together, I have loved Popeye more than life itself. He's ten in feb and I worry he won't make it. He takes Furosemide, vet median and cardalis. He doesn't want to eat but he will eat rice chicken and gammon. I don't think that I would hurt half as much if I was told I had this dreadful painfully cruel disease. He was ok today, ate two bowls of rice and gammon with gravy this morning them this afternoon he started panting and retching and coughing and I took him to the vet. He gave him two injections, one to push fluid out and the other to help his breathing. Then told me if he didn't wee there was nothing to be done. He has had three wees I honestly feel your pain and I just wanted to share mine I am so dreadfully. Afraid of facing life without him,

Anonymous said...

We lost our little tricolor Robbie six weeks ago at age ten (barely). He was always the most wonderful dog. We have a little memorial stone that says "The sweetest dog ever" and "He loved every one". in our garden beside stones we have for previous beloved pets. We had him cremated but did not want to toss his ashes in the air and I could not bury him since the idea horrified me and we are now renting our home. We put his ashes in a beautiful bronze urn which is on a shelf in our living room. I miss him terribly and so does our little Maltese terrier. Cavaliers are the sweetest most loving dogs anyone could ask for, but I will never have another one because of their fatal flaw, Mitral Valve disease. We were blessed to have him for ten years, partly due to the wonderful, loving veterinary care he received. My heart goes out to all who loose their pets to this horrible disease to which I attiribute to cavalier breeders who do not follow the proper guidelines (and yes, I thought I had checked my breeder very carefully). Life does go on, perhaps because of all the wonderful memories we share. Robbie is really buried in my heart forever.
Ginny in Colorado