Monday, August 28, 2006

Kim had an interesting experience recently. She took our other Cavaliers, Bella and Twyla, to the monthly Cavalier Park Day on Saturday. As she approached the group with the girls on leash, a woman commented that it must be difficult to handle three Cavaliers by herself. Kim replied, "No, I only have two of them," and the woman said "Oh, I was sure I saw you with three." Kim didn't think anything of it at the time, but later it occurred to her to wonder if a little tricolor ghost had been tagging along. Maybe Twyla doesn't just bark at "nothing" sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Did Kim happen to notice what the cavalier lady was smoking??

cavalier lover and rescuer said...

I believe she saw three. I put my horse to sleep last summer and the very next morning I heard her "nicker" to me. I cried, I knew she was still with us and Darcy is with you. Bless you and sweet Darcy.